New services for new income

With the “One Stop Shop” offer, Ingenico optimizes its partners’ and customers’ resources. Its solutions include value-added services that generate additional income.

A major trend on the electronic payment market which has been on the rise for some years now is an increase in the use of value-added services combined with payment, creating new sources of income for retailers. Loyalty schemes and proprietary cards are among these services.

However, the needs differ according to the vertical market in question, for example, health, retailing, petrol, local outlets, etc. As a preferred partner of financial institutions, banks, major retail operators and independent retailers, Ingenico provides a “One Stop Shop” offer which includes targeted value-added services, regardless of the method of payment (point of sale, Internet, mobile phone).

With Ingenico, consumers benefit from an optimised purchasing experience (for example, mobile phones and transport cards can be topped up while paying for purchases), while retailers generate additional income and benefit from positive differentiation from their competitors.

Adapting to changes in the point of sale

This strategy is based on a fundamental change in Points of Sale. Ingenico’s approach to this is based on four aspects of consumer experience.

A Point of Sale is:

  • A point of payment; sales must be efficient, ensuring a fast, secure and optimized check-out.
  • A point of service; Ingenico provides retailers with the possibility of selling additional services at the check-out thereby generating additional revenue.
  • A preferred point of contact; consumers benefit from targeted promotions.
  • A point of choice; everyone must be able to pay anywhere and at any time, without waiting in stores, when travelling or at home, via the Internet.

By ensuring safe and secure payment transactions in all its markets, Ingenico stands out among its competition as the leading agent of change.

A library of applications software

To stand out efficiently and productively, retailers and banks must have an understanding of and an affinity with their customers. In this way, they are able to determine which value-added services to offer. These must be relevant and compelling for the customer and offer a good return for the bank or retailer.

Ingenico’s value-added service offers are based on a vast library of application software that optimises its partners’ and customers’ resources:

  • developing customer loyalty, couponing, advertisements, promotions and product information, etc.;
  • Self-service and Internet payments, line busting technology, etc., for operators in the retail sector;
  • pre-paid account top-up, money transfer, electronic ticketing, bill payments, contract signing, micro-credit, etc., for dematerialized service offers;
  • tips, foreign currency payments, electronic receipts, discounts, VAT reimbursement, etc. as extended services.

Contributing to the development of open application software


The power of the Incendo Online platform has created an environment of unprecedented application software development. Ingenico is the leader of the most extensive, dynamic community of service developers and suppliers on the market. Using open technology allows the quick, easy design, production and roll-out of a service application. Because of its leadership in terminals, Ingenico is able to identify the best practices and the most convincing services.

The Group can therefore reproduce them in a base consisting of several tens of thousands of deployments all over the world: each customer is sure to find the solution that is most appropriate for his specific needs. Combining this unique environment with its capacity to interconnect with operators in more than 100 countries, Ingenico provides top-quality services both locally and internationally. Finally, this end-to-end control of the solutions portfolio guarantees that partners and customers benefit from Ingenico’s capacity to respond in order to have the most complete service possible.

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