Save money by entrusting your transactions management with Ingenico

In a payment industry that is increasingly sophisticated, Ingenico designs the most comprehensive transaction management offers for its partners and customers.

Terminal Estate Management

Ingenico Terminal Management Solution (TMS) delivers complete estate-wide remote terminal and software management, across any geography, anywhere in the world. It has been designed to ensure that any Ingenico terminal in the field can reach the TMS server and benefit from remote software downloads.

Connectivity Management

Ingenico’s advanced Connectivity Solutions provide the flexibility to deliver transaction data from any POS system over any telecoms network, anywhere in the world. Ingenico minimizes telephone costs and delivers always-on secured connectivity across GPRS, PSTN and IP channels.

On-Guard Point-to-Point Encryption

Maximizing the security of payment systems and cardholder data in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a critical challenge for merchants today. Ingenico provides an easy path to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) through its On-Guard Point to Point Encryption (P2PE) solution.

e-portal: Ingenico electronic portal

Delivering real-time visibility and reporting, this dedicated customer portal enables executives to gain a detailed view of new services and campaign success, to control the network from a technical perspective and analyze payment and transaction data across the board.