Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID, Ingenico Group's division, regroups activities dedicated to e-Health and e-ID from XIRING in France and Ingenico Healthcare in Germany, i.e. approximately one hundred people throughout Europe, representing a renowned expertise and an installed base of approximately 800,000 terminals.

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e-Health Solutions

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID is the worldwide leader in terminals and solutions specific to health card systems, with a strong leadership in both France and Germany.

As regards this market segment, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID equips pharmacies, Private healthcare professionals, hospitals and insurance companies with terminals and solutions for securing healthcare transactions such as e-medical claim forms, e-prescriptions and access to e-medical records.

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID also provides services with a high added value, managing end-to-end e-Health transactions.

e-ID Solutions

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID is also an important player when it comes to e-ID infrastructure solutions, notably in France, where it equipped Police forces and other government offices.

Concerning e-ID, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID fulfills government offices and officials, particularly the police force, with professional desktop or mobile solutions that allow for the verification of secure documents such as national e-ID cards, epassports, e-driving licenses.

Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID also provides the general public with personal solutions for secure e-services.