Ingenico has a completely new range of payment terminals

All the vertical markets benefit from adapted, high-performance, innovative terminals which take full advantage of the Group’s service offers. The Group implements its “One Stop Shop” offer strategy through secure transaction solutions integrated in the most advanced terminals on the market. It is intended for all the traditional sales segments (local outlets, volume retail, acquirers, networks, etc.) and all the vertical markets (transport, health, tourism, petrol, mobility, etc.).

Banking PIN Pads

Connected to an iCT220/iCT250 countertop, The Ingenico banking PIN Pads are highly efficient, reliable and ensure intuitive use and effortless access to applications.

Retail PIN Pads

PIN Pad terminals are intended for traditional sales segments, especially volume retail or restaurant chains. They enable retailers to accept payment transactions that require a Personal Identification Number (PIN).


Powerful and feature-rich, Ingenico countertops are multiple-connectivity (traditional telephone modem, new generation IP, wireless GPRS or Wi-Fi) to ensures constant availability.


Wireless provide retailers with more competitive solutions to meet their operational constraints. Anti-shock, WireLess terminals are perfectly adapted to payment in bars, stadiums or for deliveries.

Signature Capture

Signature Capture terminals are payment terminals equipped with tactile color screen. Robust, intuitive, signature captures are intended for network businesses and volume retail markets.

Self Services

Unattended are designed to meet self-service and 24 hour vending. Unattended terminals are intuitive and easy-to use. They were designed to meet self-service and 24 hour vending needs such as in service stations.


Biometric terminals are designed to simplify user identification and authentication, and make it easy to integrate biometric control into a wide range of payment, state allowance and micro credit applications.